The Perfect Night-In at Your Self-Catered Holiday Cottage in the Cotswolds

If you’ve booked your stay with us at our self-catered holiday cottage in the Cotswolds, we look forward to welcoming you soon.

You may be trying to come up with ideas on how to spend your evenings in our beautiful cottage during your stay. A British countryside holiday is your time to truly relax, so here are a few ways that you are your partner, or you and the family can make the most of your evenings together in our self-catered holiday home.

Cook a Hearty Meal

If you’re visiting our holiday home as a couple, why not take this opportunity to cook a romantic meal together? During your time together at home, your busy lifestyles might mean you don’t often get the chance to prepare food or even eat meals together, let alone spend quality time together whilst cooking it.

If you’re holidaying with your family, again, your busy lifestyles may hold you back from being able to eat together as a family. Perhaps the kids have various activities throughout the week, or parents have to work late on certain days meaning family mealtimes together can be a luxury. Your evenings spent in our self-catered holiday cottage are a great way to prepare and eat hearty meals together, which will contribute to your staycation memories.

Our self-catered holiday cottage is equipped with all the kitchen facilities you may need to create a full meal, perhaps using recipes or ingredients you wouldn’t usually try when at home.

Have a BBQ

If you’re heading to our holiday cottage to escape the city, you may not have any outdoor space to enjoy, let alone your own BBQ.

Our self-catered holiday cottage comes equipped with a BBQ out in the back garden, and a perfect way to spend a pleasant evening in the Cotswolds.

Why not have a perfect night in utilising your holiday facilities to its fullest, source some local ingredients and fire up the BBQ.

Eat Al Fresco

Whether you choose to cook your own meal in the kitchen, or you’ve created a feast using the BBQ, our self-catered holiday cottage has an outdoor seating area perfect for eating al fresco.

Dinner outside is the perfect way to spend some romantic time alone as a couple, or quality time together as a family.

You’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery that surrounds our self-catered holiday cottage, watch the sunset together, or sit back and relax as the kids play on the large lawn areas.

Watch a Film Together

Once you’ve had your delicious meal together and it has perhaps dropped a little chillier outside, it might be time to retreat inside and round off your perfect night-in with a film.

You may choose a family favourite to enjoy together, or put something on that has been on your to-watch list for a while that you haven’t gotten round to watching.

Whatever you choose to watch, why not prepare your favourite cinema snacks in the self-catered holiday cottage’s kitchen, and settle down for the evening in front of the widescreen television.

Book Your Self-Catered Holiday Cottage in the Cotswolds Today

Holidays are made for relaxing – we hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to spend your nights-in during you stay with us at our holiday cottage in the Cotswolds.

If you’d like to book a stay in our luxury holiday cottage, please give us a call on 07941 590391, or email with any questions you may have. Check out our availability here.

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