Why a holiday cottage is perfect for a romantic getaway

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, love is in the air and couples all over the World are prepping for a special weekend getaway. Some celebrating an anniversary, some getting engaged, other simply because. Whatever your reason is, a romantic weekend away is the perfect way to focus all your energy onto each other and the relationship without the stresses of daily life getting in the way.


So sure, the idea of going away somewhere peaceful and calm seems like the perfect detox from city life, but such things have to be planned and finding the perfect accommodation can make or break your entire stay. So a hotel would be your first choice right? Yet have you ever thought about how restrictive a hotel can be? A small window for check in and check out, so that extra long sleep you want cannot happen. How about the food? Breakfast set at a certain time so another reason to wake up early and then you have to get ready and sit around other people! Not to mention the tiny bedroom for a price out of this world.
So what’s an alternative? That’s right, a holiday cottage. Nothing beats the quietness and sense of security that a holiday cottage can provide.


When you want to get away from everything, do it properly and make it a unique experience to remember for life. A holiday cottage eliminates the stresses that a hotel poses on you and your other half.
Hotels tend to be busy and crowded with paper thin walls which mean you can hear the snoring next door. A holiday cottage is secluded and away from everybody else. Forget screaming kids, loud snorers and other couple arguing. Just you and your partner, and maybe some romantic music to set the mood.


You’re also completely in control of your stay; eat whenever you want, wake up whenever you want and don’t even get out of your pyjamas! A good relationship craves privacy and holiday cottage will offer that as much as your own home will. Hotel restaurants can’t guarantee to provide the exact foods your craving or provide much of a treat; just the typical buffet and cereals with cheap orange juice. At a holiday cottage, you can tailor it all to you. With easy and direct contact with the owner, you can request for specific food to be waiting for you when you arrive or visit a local quality restaurant or cafe where everything is locally sourced and fresh.


Most holiday cottages are placed away from the crowds and main town centres and streets. This means no chaos and beautiful, breathtaking scenery that is guaranteed every time. A hotel could mean looking onto a cold street or almost into someone else’s window. A holiday cottage getaway can double up as a start gazing experience with no light pollution and no one to charge you extra money for a hot drink.


Take Monks Mill Barn for example; based in its own secluded valley with no distractions and noise, it is the perfect place to focus on the one you love and give them and yourself a break that you’ll crave again and again. A spacious cottage to have your own little party in and get back in the honeymoon mood with no one to tell you what do to. A comfortable large bedroom with ensuite bathroom, a large living room with HD TV and your very own kitchen with high end appliances. On top of that add a large terrace and your own valley surrounding you; it’s a home away from home.

Overall, what you get for your money is far more than what a hotel offers. Hotels are expensive yet don’t deliver half the promises they make. It makes a lot more sense to pay a little bit extra but enjoy a whole new world of perks that no other accommodation can offer. If you’re coming from abroad, it’s also a great way to fully experience the country at your own speed and your own way, without anyone telling you how to experience it.

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